The networks receive a stinging reminder of their new NBA status

The NBA is very similar to nature. It is easier to be a hunter than to be a hunter.

The Nets were reminded of that Sunday in Charlotte.

Brooklyn knocked out and paid for, with 106–104 injured by the hungry Hornets for a first loss of the season.

Unlike Kevin Durant (29 points) and Kyrie Irving (25), the Nets are not used to playing with a goal on their backs. But with their stars both healthy and playful, Brooklyn might also add colorful bull eyes to the back of their basquiat-inspired shirts.

“It’s definitely disappointing. … I think we could have played better. “I know we could have played better,” said Jarrett Allen. “I know we could have gone out and had a lot of energy. I know we weren’t playing to our full potential.

“Being in the position we are now with KD and Kyrie back and we are a full team. We will definitely have the goal in the back in every match. We will definitely get 100% for each team. So we have to come out ready every time.”

The nets weren’t ready anywhere, after the dirty first two quarters with the worst third. They were 16 late in the fourth game, before getting them 4-18 in two. But they did not come close.

Terry Rozier dips over Kevin Durant.

“It’s nice to have this goal on your back,” Durant said. “You will bring your best.”

Durant missed a possible tiebreak just 7 seconds ago, and the Nets suffered their first loss of the season after the Golden State and Boston bombings.

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“I don’t think we are [had] A sense of urgency. “We were a little negative,” said coach Steve Nash. “We’ll have a goal on our backs, and we’ll have to live up to the occasion.

Think you might be a better team, [but] You will get a much better team than it was the night before because they see the names on the back of the shirt and they will rise to the occasion. “

For the Nets who used to be the hunter, this would require a posture adjustment. They are in the rare position to be chasers, even though they haven’t won anything yet.

“From being a network all my life, it’s definitely something I will need to get used to,” Allen said. “There is no disdain for us, but we were not the team at the top. We were always the underdogs who fight and see others as targets. Now the roles are reversed.”

The Nets was outperformed in Paint 64-26, partly due to some defensive malfunctions on the switches and partly due to 19 turns that allowed Charlotte to enter the transition and early attack. Spencer Dinwiddie left the match with a knee injury in the third quarter and never came back.

However, the Nets lost only 84-81 in the fourth inning when they capitulated 13-0, with Miles Bridges stepping back 3 to become 97-81 with 7:59 to play.

The Nets tried to advance, scoring 10 goals in a row with Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot 3 and pulling them in within six.

The round reached 18-4, and Allen earned a trip to the line with 2:20 to play. But after the first sinking, he lost the second net, leaving the net 101-99. Irving was then blocked leading to the corner of Devonte Graham 3. The nets retracted by five and did not go past the hump.

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Another Luwawu-Cabarrot 3 team pulled them off within 104-102, and had a chance after PJ Washington missed two free throws. Durant ran a two-man game with Irving, and had a chance at Dagger 3 but took a few dribbles and pulled from a distance of 9 feet. His shot rolled up and knocked out 7.4 seconds.

Terry Rozier’s free throws ensured there would be no extra time.

“I thought she was going in,” Durant said. “It looked good.” “I am sure we will regain this situation again throughout the season and I can benefit from it.

“It was good to play the fourth quarter game again, play a game that we had to fight hard and get back to the game. … They did more plays than us. But it was fun to play in that environment again.”

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