The Mars Rover is coming, and here’s how to enjoy it all

It wasn’t long before the most ambitious human mission to the Red Planet arrived there. The Tenacity Wagon is on track as it is on track to make a perfect landing in the Jezero crater in February 2021, and NASA plans to make a sight to it.

With so much of its efforts now aimed at pleasing civilians and giving them a sense of participation in all things extraterrestrial, NASA this week released what it called a landing kit for the mission. It pretty much includes everything one would need to experience and make the drop watch unforgettable, from stickers to challenges.

Comprehensive coverage of the Determination The Rover includes everything from an interactive virtual launch package, a rover 3D model, stickers, stickers, and much more. You can find them all Access this link.

Aside from this resource pack, NASA wants people to be a part of all of this, so they put together a Watch online Guide to the landing, complete with a calendar of upcoming events.

The Perseverance is scheduled to land on Mars on Feb.8, and broadcasts from Mission Control are expected to begin at 11:15 a.m. PDT / 2:15 p.m. EST. After that moment, we are back with daily news and photos from Mars on a specially created craft website.

Perseverance is based on the same platform Curiosity Rover. Developed by JPL’s Mars Science Laboratory, it’s roughly the size of a car and contains a wide range of tools for exploring the neighboring planet.

As the first of its kind to target long-range targets, the rover will look for signs of life, track natural resources and hazards, assess the habitability of the environment and even attempt to generate oxygen in the first-ever attempt by humans. Made in the rehabilitation of another planet.

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It will also be received and stored Rock samples In packs placed in strategic areas, for a future mission to capture and bring to Earth.

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