The Federal Communications Commission is asking phone companies to help track illegal automated callers

It was the FCC adoption more and more Measures To combat robotic calls, the most recent Set of rules (PDF) Its application includes limiting non-marketing phone calls made to residential phones. Non-commercial, commercial, and not-for-profit organizations can now only make up to three calls per home number within 30 days and are required to allow recipients to cancel the subscription. FCC had no non-marketing phone call limit prior to this change. In addition, the commission has it Introduced (PDF) New rules for voice service providers, which must now respond to requests to trace sources of illegal calls from UNHCR and law enforcement.

They are now also required to investigate illegal calls identified by the commission and take steps to mitigate those calls if they come to the same conclusion. The FCC says carriers must “exercise due diligence in ensuring that their services are not used to generate illegal traffic” as well. Aside from implementing those new rules, the FCC has expanded secure ports for service providers to remove legal liability for barring calls at the network level. Having said that, service providers should only target calls that are “highly likely to be illegal, not simply unwanted” and should use human supervision.

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