Jeffrey Lowry and Hoy Rosman didn’t really believe in Doug Pederson

This was the moment I really fell in love with Doug Pederson.

This happened a week after the Eagles won New England Patriots at Energy 52. NFL Films released one of their excellent “Turning Point” videos in which they recorded the Birds’ historic win, and there was a scene that crystallized why Pederson defeated the greatest coach in football history, Bill Belichick, in a match. Largest stage (starts at 0:38 mark).

It was a minor moment between two coaches. Bilesik approached Pederson and shook his hand. Pelisik mentioned that he “tried to find a game this season because you were late and didn’t find one!” Pederson replies, “There was a lot!” (he was not there). Then Doug just spitballs and talks to Belichick as if they were old war buddies. Talk about how long Super Bowl week was and how he was so desperate to just play the game.

Doug Pederson didn’t appear to be a soccer connoisseur, but he was clearly not afraid of Bilesic or the moment. He wasn’t afraid to fight Tom Brady and the five-time Super Bowl heroes. Pederson went on to call one of the greatest games a caller had ever played, outperforming the Bates at every turn, eventually winning the Lombardy Cup.

Pederson was a wizard

Pederson won the Super Bowl in the hardest possible way. MVP QB lost three quarters of the way during the season and had to create a whole new attack from scratch with a completely different kind of player in Nick Foles. Frank Reich was an amazing companion to the competition, there’s no doubt about it, but that was Doug’s crime. In 2018 and 19, the Eagles were one of the most exciting teams in the NFL, yet they led the franchise to 9-7 consecutive records and three more playoffs.

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He is one of seven major coaches in NFL history who has played three playoff matches and a Super Bowl match in his first four seasons. His record of 35-28-1 since 2017 is the 6th best number in NFC, and he has competed in the playoffs in three of the past four years. Only rams Seahawks And the saints achieved this feat at the conference.

Per Andrew Siciliano of the NFL Network, is the first coach to be fired within three years of winning the title since 1973. So on the surface, it doesn’t make sense.

The last option

Over the past 12 months, it has become clear that owner Jeffrey Lowry and General Manager Howie Rosman have not fully embraced Pederson as their head coach. In a long list of candidates for training after Chip Kelly was removed, Pederson was close to the bottom. Names like Ben McAdoo, Adam Gase, Hue Jackson, Dirk Koetter, and Mike Mularkey were all high on the Eagles Training Candidate’s shopping list.

Here are the records of these coaches at the stations where they were hired in 2016.

  • the Eagles. Doug Pederson: 42-37-1
  • Dolphins. Adam Gas: 23-25
  • Brown. Hugh Jackson: 3-36-1
  • 49ers. Chip Kelly: 2-14
  • Pirates. Dirk Queter: 19-29
  • Giants. Ben McAdoo: 13-15
  • Titans. Mike Mullarkey: 20-21

The vultures were out of luck, but it’s not as if Lori and Rosman realized this.

Doug is disrespectful

Doug Pederson was the most winning Super Bowl coach in NFL history. Copper Eagles behaved as if they had won the title Although Pederson. They did not trust his judgment regarding the coaching staff, which is why the team insisted on sacking Mike Groh as their offensive coordinator after the 2019 season, one day after Pederson told the press that his dragoon would return.

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Right or wrong (and that was probably the right call), Pederson’s legs were cut from under him. He was castrated, and perhaps he should have resigned right away.

The Eagles attempted to do so again in the off-season, as Pederson reportedly wanted to promote Bryce Taylor to Offensive Coordinator and raise other trainers as a way to fix the offense. Once again, one can question the wisdom of making these moves, but the winning Super Bowl coach should be allowed to control his team.

Lori and Rosman didn’t see it that way. They would force him to make various changes. “Stop it,” said Pederson, and the parties split.

As I wrote last week, Buderson should have been allowed to drown or swim in 2021. If his decisions would lead to another lackluster season (and let’s face it, everyone admits the team won’t be as good in the next two years), Lori and Rosman were justified in switching to someone else.

Fail 2020

To be sure, the 2020 offensive failures took into account the decision to remove Pederson. Carson Wentz’s retreat stunned the mind, and Pederson’s inability to correct the ship was troubling. Lowry did not indicate in his Monday press conference that the reported spat between Pederson and Wintz had anything to do with the release of Doug, but one can imagine that Wentz’s return is more likely with Pederson’s exit.

(By the way, if someone could explain to me why there was a rift between Wentz and Pederson in the first place, I would love to hear it. On the outside, Pederson looked like he was spoiling Wentz, and it gave the midfielder a lot of freedom to tailor the offense as he saw fit, and wait a while Longer to put on the bench than most coaches.)

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If the Eagles are going for a complete rebuilding here, which looks like it is, then blowing it up makes sense. The expulsion of Doug Pederson could have been justified under this scenario, but not without the architect’s expulsion of this dilapidated list.

Jeffrey Lowry clearly has Rosman syndrome, the inability to see mistakes his counselor has made over the past five years, despite his wonderful off-season experience where every free agent has been moving around and trading. Laurie’s inability to see, or at least justify, Rosman’s history draft baffles everyone.

Geoffrey Lowry chose Howie Roseman and Carson Wentz over Doug Pederson, and in the end, it feels disappointing. Geoffrey Lowry has an emotional attachment to Huy Rosman. Geoffrey Lowry has a financial affiliation with Carson Wentz.

Geoffrey Lowry apparently had no real connection to Doug Pederson and lost faith in the Super Bowl-winning coach’s ability to turn the franchise around.

Doug Pederson would get a good job elsewhere and potentially have success with a front desk that properly supports him. This is good news for him. It’s bad news for Eagles fans who have been left to deal with an owner and general manager who will conduct another search for key training and another series of NFL drafts for a team in desperate need of good, cheap talent.

It’s also a cautionary tale for whoever takes on the mission of the Eagles. it will not be Your the team. It’s the Howie team. It’s Team Jeffrey.

They will not let you forget about it.

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