Green Bay Packers demands removal of Damon ‘Snacks’ Harrison’s waivers

Green Bay, Wisconsin – Another stopper on the way to the Green Bay Packers possibly to help them avoid a qualifying exit like last season.

Packers’ general manager, Brian Gutkunst, claimed Damon “Snacks” Harrison had stopped the waivers on Wednesday, according to the NFL Transaction Telegram.

Al-Hazmoun did not announce this step.

Seahawks gave up the 32-year-old’s defense intervention on Monday after Harrison requested his release. All players waived at this point in the season are subject to the waivers, and Harrison said in a tweet after his release that he was not interested in claiming it. However, in response to a tweet that indicated he might actually play for the Packers considering they are a Super Bowl team and one who was on the list of teams he had planned to meet before he signed with Seattle earlier this season, Harrison replied with a one-word tweet that read: “Bingo”.

A source told ESPN that Harrison assured the players that he would report and play Green Bay.

Packers ranked 14th in allowed dash yards but ranked 24 in yards per load – a slight improvement from last season. But their on-the-run defense disappointed them in the NFC Championship game, when the San Francisco 49 players darted 285 yards on their way to the Super Bowl.

If the Packers won the regular season finale on Sunday against the Chicago Bears, they would be the NFC number 1 and have a first-round playoff match. Even if they have to play the weekend, they can get Harrison through the COVID protocols and get ready for that weekend. They were granted an exemption from the list to Harrison.

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Seahawks signed with Harrison to the Training Squad on October 7 and made his debut in a match on November 15 against the Los Angeles Rams. He played 138 shots in six matches before requesting his release. At the time, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll had the impression that Harrison no longer wanted to play.

“He’s decided to stop playing,” said Carroll on Monday during an appearance on 710 ESPN Seattle. “He’s finished playing. I talked to him this morning. He’s in good spirits and all of that. He’s really grateful for the opportunity to play here, he’s done really well on our side, but … he did.”

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